core art


EBB & FLOW - series one... SOLD OUT

The lines, patterns and textures of rock pools have always fascinated me, but more so the idea of life and to some extent the disappearance of it with every tide. A microcosm. Always moving and changing.

In this series I have reduced rock pools and the life within and around them to a series of lines and marks in black and white making reference to these ideas. To life and death, to positive and negative forces, to the ebb and flow of all things.

HORNED BEASTS - series one... SOLD OUT

These bold works are inspired by majestic beasts; all horned, all beautiful.

Created on Arches paper using various mediums and techniques including pen, pencil, watercolour, ink and gouache.

As in all my works line and colour remain the focus.

This series of works is only available as one off signed originals.

All works are approximately A2 in size.

For any enquires or to commission a custom Horned Beast please email me at -


in the shop window  - series two...

Once again this series is based on flowers which featured in my little shop window. 

In series two the works have been created using mixed media of acrylic paint, charcoal, chalk and oil pastel on stonehenge paper. The works are freer then the first series but remain focused on colour and line.

in the shop window - series one... SOLD OUT

This series of works is a representation of the beautiful fresh flowers I have had in my shop window over the past several months.

I love flowers and I love having them in my shop and home. Their ephemeral nature is so seductive to me and offers constant inspiration to my artmaking. They have been a subject I have always returned to in my  drawings and paintings. In each work I tried to capture not necessarily every detail of the flowers but rather a feeling, a mood.

Line and colour are strong elements in my work and become a focus due to the negative space in each work. This also acts as a strong reference to the medium of drawing and the importance of  the 'paper'.

The works were all created on premium rag paper using oil pastels, with touches of charcoal and in some instances chalk pastel was also used.