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About me

I have been drawing my whole life, well just about... I bought my first proper sketch book and drawing pencils when I was six with my father in a quaint little art shop in Malta, after returning from Rome and Paris and viewing all the masters. I was in love with the galleries and churches and the diversity and beauty of the work... it was all I wanted to do, though I never really thought of it as an option (i.e. to be an artist) and opted for degrees in Visual Arts and Education. 

I spent seventeen years in  Visual Arts Education. The last couple of years I have taken a break from teaching and all the small projects to first and foremost focus on being a mum and to focus on my own art making.

My works are in private collections throughout Australia, United Kingdom, China, Japan, Ireland and America. 

My art making varies and is constant and prolific. From pen drawings, to oil pastels, acrylic paints and oils. My subject matter, themes and approach is ever-changing (I think an effect of being a teacher).  I usually work in 'series' and produce anywhere from  three to twenty works based on an idea, theme, subject, method or mood. I often focus on line and colour as the main elements and always work on the idea of 'representing' a mood or feeling, rather than exact detail. Works are rarely planned, they are usually instinctual and somewhat spontaneous. A quick rough sketchy pen drawing is usually as close as I get to a plan. Sometimes I will add colour ideas. 

I also mostly work from life... or sometimes from photographs I have taken, which are usually abandoned as are any pen drawings once the work has taken hold.

Vanessa Encarnacao